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Bump Date & Gender!

Happy Friday, friends! Ozie and I are headed to Savannah, Georgia right now for a little getaway. Trying to spend as much time together before our sweet GIRL gets here!! That’s right, we’re having a girl and couldn’t be more excited. We reallyyy wanted a boy but once we heard “looks like you’re having a princess” it was all over from there! All I could think about were the shoes, clothes, bathing suits that she will have (& already has LOL).

Today we are 18 weeks… Almost 5 months. AHHH! Baby is as big as a cucumber and can yawn. She probably can tell how exhausted I am lol! I can not feel her yet but maybe soon?? Help me out, mamas!! Plus, I look like I ate to many tacos on our mexican night… Maybe I’ll get a baby bump this weekend😂 One of my girlfriends says it’ll just pop up overnight! We do have 2 appointments coming up this month and I am excited to see her! I will do my best to keep you all updated.

Christmas will be fun 😍

Have the best weekend!!

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