Dresses to Transition for Fall

I don’t know about you but I am ready for fall!! Usually summer is my favorite season. We hang out on the boat, enjoy some drinks, get some sun… This year is a little different since I’m pregnant. So bring on fall!

I hate seeing my summer dresses go to waste. So I typically buy pieces that can easily be transitioned to fall. Here are my top 5 types of dresses to transition.

Shop these dresses and similar ones as well!

1. Floral Dress

Cardigans, jean, leather, and suede jackets all go so good with floral dresses!

2. Midi Dress

These are such good dresses to pair with booties!

3. T-Shirt Dress

A good t-shirt dress can be paired with a denim jacket, cardigan, or some over-the-knee boots.

4. Babydoll Dress

Another great piece that can be dressed up with booties. I just purchased both these dresses and can not wait to style them!

5. Plain Solid Dress

& of course this is a no-brainer! Pair with anything fall related. Cardigan, jean jacket, booties, or your favorite piece of fall clothing.

Writing about these fall looks make me want to go to a pumpkin patch with my PSL… Thankfully September is tomorrow! Lol.

Fall is one of my favorites so be sure to stick around for all the things!

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