Meet the Parrish's


Dress is 25% off and so are these dupe booties! Tonight only!

28 weeks, 7 months, THIRD TRIMESTER!

We are almost there, you guys. 12 weeks to go! Which makes pregnancy 10 months, not 9 months… I was tricked! Lol

Whats New

Sweet girl is quite active these days, mostly when I haven’t eaten. She’s going to be like her daddy… She needs food! Haha! Her favorite time to move around is at night when I lay down for bed. Ozie and I watch her punch and kick at my insides. It is a site to see when it’s your first pregnancy!

According to my pregnancy app(I use What To Expect), baby is a head of lettuce… WHOA! That is crazy to think about, but its crazier that she still has 3 months to go! So close, yet so far. Lol.

Doctor Visits

I went to my OB appointment 2 weeks ago and they said she is growing right on track! Yay, grow baby grow! Now I start going every 2 weeks. That must mean we are getting close, right??

I also took my glucose test that day… YUCK! Lol. No warning or anything haha. But I passed with flying colors so I do not have to repeat it again, thank goodness!

Coming up

Soon we will have the nursery finished & I can finally share it! My baby shower is in a month and that should be tons of fun! There will be a blog post on that with all the details including food, decor, and games. Be on the lookout!

A neat registry website that I found and am using is called Babylist. It is where you can choose any products from all different retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, Carter’s, and many more and link them to your registry. Instead of choosing one place you are able to have them ALL! So unique. If you are expecting I highly recommend checking out Babylist.

As the days count down we are getting more anxious to meet our little girl. Make sure to enter your email for nursery updates, NAME REVEAL, and all the outfits!

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