Pregnancy Essentials First Trimester

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Being a first time mom and going through pregnancy has been a journey! These essentials are what I found that have helped myself. They aren’t maternity clothes or baby things. They are for you MAMA and what you will need that might not cross your mind as essentials.

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Water is your best friend and sometimes you might forget to drink it. This water bottle has time markers on it, that way you can stay on top of how much water intake you have gotten.


Definitely will want a belly butter or lotion if you are trying to avoid stretch marks! I use this after every shower, applying it to my belly (of course) and then places where stretch marks can happen. Like hips, booty, boobs, and upper thighs. Stretch marks may be inevitable no matter what preventative measures you take, but at least you tried!


THIS is the number one product I will NOT go without during my next pregnancy. I started getting acne the week I found out I was pregnant. & this little tube became my best friend.


My sister gets credit for this one! I have a hard time taking pills, especially ones with a terrible taste, and she introduced me to these gummies. I take them with dinner every night before before and they have been great!


I wish I had started a journal the second I found out I was pregnant. It can be difficult to keep up with a daily journal but it will be satisfying to look back on. Although my pregnancy hasn’t been as great as I’d hope, I still want to remember the highs and lows of every day.


Not only is the belly going to grow but so are the girls! Actually, my boobs started growing the first month and I bought maternity bras shortly after. They fit better and are very comfortable.


A huge one for myself! I keep tropical flavor Mentos, Sour Patch Kids, or some sort of sweet/sour candy with me at all times. I don’t know why but if I’m feeling nauseous or uneasy I will eat one or two and feel better almost instantly. Hopefully this will work for you as well!

Being pregnant is an absolute blessing and I am so grateful for this time in my life. I already told my husband no matter how hard this pregnancy has been I want more babies! Lol. & thankfully I will know what I need.

I hope these products will help you just as they have helped me!

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